Help stop mindless vandals destroying property in Townstal

By Roger Williams in Crime

GOMAD, Go Make a Difference, is a competition being run by Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) and Urban Saints, encouraging youth groups to make a difference in their community.

Its aim is to encourage local youth groups to contact their local policing team to identify if there are issues within the community that the team of young people could have an impact on.

This initiative might help the series of incidents reported to Dartmouth Police just this year.

Last month, a skip was over turned and damage caused to the entrance of the Townstal Community Hall.

Also last month, there was a substantial amount of damage caused to the wall signage at the rear of Sainsbury’s Dartmouth close to the roundabout. Each letter appears to have been ripped of the wall exposing the electrics within and the casing strewn all over the road.

There were further reports of criminal damage happening over the same night. A car window was smashed on Britannia Avenue, flowers were uprooted from the boat flower beds.

A couple of months earlier, a group of young males were seen causing damage to property at Lower Tower House, Yorke Road, Dartmouth. A gate was smashed on the path leading Townstal Pathfields.

The police Facebook site announced the following:

“Mindless vandals seem intent on ruining this beautiful town, local officers are doing what they can but with limited numbers this can sometimes prove difficult, please If anyone has any information the please contact Dartmouth Police as soon as possible.”

Go to the website for more information on GOMAD.

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