Kingsbridge's Green Party candidate stands down to support future alliance

By Chris Derrick in Politics

The Kingsbridge division Green Party candidate selected to stand for election to Devon County Council in May has decided to step aside in order to increase the chances of other candidates being successful against Conservative Party nominees.

Dr John Green, speaking on behalf of the South Devon Green Party, made the announcement last week, stating: “Following a groundswell of local interest in electoral alliances, the Green Party has decided to step up to the challenge and withdraw a small number of its chosen candidates from standing in the County Council elections in May.

“We want to help ensure that our electoral system leads to the election of a council which better represents the votes received across the county.”

Robin Ladkin, who was selected to be the Green Party candidate for the Kingsbridge County Council division, decided that it would be better to step aside in order to improve the chances that Julian Brazil, the Liberal Democrat candidate, becoming elected.

Mr Brazil won by a relatively small margin over the Conservative candidate at the last County Council elections in 2013.

The Green Party is also supporting Ron Fox, an independent candidate in the Ashburton and Buckfastleigh County Council division and has decided not to field a candidate in the Dawlish division. As a result, it is fielding candidates in 14 out of the 17 divisions in South Devon for the forthcoming elections.

Dr Green, speaking on behalf of the South Devon Green Party, stated: “For the common good, we have chosen a small number of divisions where we think it is better that we stand down in order to help ensure that Devon County Council has a balanced number of councillors after the elections in May.

“Throughout the last year, members of the local Green Party have expressed their enthusiasm for some form of electoral alliance and as a party, locally, we have been given the flexibility to stand down candidates in order to make way for other candidates from different parties.

“We have co-organised events to explore the way forward for some form of alliance with the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party, and there is clearly a great deal of interest amongst the electorate for us to achieve this.

“Whilst being a difficult decision, Green Party members have decided that we will lead by example.”

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