Lib Dems win Charterlands Election

By Sam Acourt in Politics

LIBERAL Democrat candidate Elizabeth Huntley has won the Charterlands by-election, stealing the seat from the Conservatives.

Elizabeth Huntley received 473 votes, followed by Jonathan Bell - Conservative, with 404, Dave Trigger - Labour - 110, and Janet Chapman - Green - 40.

With a turn out of 46.5 per cent and four spoiled ballots, the Lib Dems secured 46 per cent of the vote, the Conservatives 39 per cent, Labour 11 per cent and Greens 4 per cent.

We will update this story as we hear more...

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SIAN KINRADE · 177 days ago · Report

She didn't steal the seat from anyone - she won it. The reporter's misuse of English is a damning indictment of most "journalists" and their inability to report objectively and honestly.

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